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“For figure skaters who need protection & confidence while practising new routines & training. Our crash range is skating attire that has been made with professional skaters in mind. Unlike regular training gear that have little to no padding, our products padding will not interfere with leg lifts or restrict movement in anyway. All while protecting from serious injury.”

Our Teens range is sizes 10 to 16.

Please check out our sizing chart for further reference. 

  • "All Laced Up" Leotard

    "All Laced Up" Leotard

    This leotard has been worn by the famous Australian skater Kailani Craine in her practice skates at the 2017 Four Continents in South Korea and the 2017 ISU World Figure Skating Championships. This leotard has been design specially for figure skating...

    As low as US$68.55
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  • 'Coaches Dream' Catsuit

    'Coaches Dream' Catsuit

    This Catsuit is a MUST!!This was our 2016 biggest seller. Its called the Coaches dream for a number of reasons. Its stream line Can't fidget  Lines can help with posture positioning Over hand cuffs help stop hands being cut...

    As low as US$120.98
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  • Bow Singlet - Teen

    Bow Singlet - Teen

    This great singlet isn't just for skating but can be worn any time any place. With 3 cute bows, 2 on the sides and one in the middle with DMC crystals in the bow center. Colour choices are Magenta, Aqua, Grey and Purple. Made from high quality stretch...

    As low as US$44.36
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  • Boy's/ Teen Crash Pants

    Boy's/ Teen Crash Pants

    These pants are specially designed to protect those hips, bottom and knee's from extreme bruising, with foam in places other products don't cover. The foam has been treated to stop bacteria from growing and the product from degrading, closed cell foam...

    As low as US$68.55
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  • Bright Snowflake Training Pants - Teen

    Bright Snowflake Training Pants - Teen

    These bright fun figure skating training pants come with standard over the boot design and crystal snow flake on the bottom. Your choice of 4 great colour's, Fluro Pink, Magenta, Royal Blue and Purple. Frozen Couture's standard no front seam for...

    As low as US$68.55
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  • Crash Leg Warmers

    Crash Leg Warmers

    These Leg warmers are padded to keep knees protected when falling. Double layer of fabric for warmth, nice and tight so they do not fall down as the fabric grabs onto tights or stockings and over the boot to keep those lasers out of the way.Made...

    As low as US$60.49
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  • Cross Back Support Singlet

    Cross Back Support Singlet

    This singlet has a built in sports bra with removable cups. Perfect for comfort whilst training and matching in with most of our range. Strap colour choices are Fluro Pink, Magenta, Green, Royal Blue, Bright Red, Purple and Black. Made in Australia...

    As low as US$63.72
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  • Pink/clear mix

    Crystal Singlet - Teen

      This great sparkly singlet is stylish and very classy. Made from high quality stretch quick dry fabric, comfortable with a twinkle of style. We have a great range of training pants and jackets this singlet matches in with. Base...

    As low as US$52.42
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  • Deluxe Jacket w/ Fur Lined Collar

    Deluxe Jacket w/ Fur Lined Collar

    We have limited stock in the navy combo's but do hold a little, we are fully stocked in the grey combo's. This very stylish ladies jacket will turn heads and keep you warm at the same time.Made from very high quality fabric Made from a mix of Cotton,...

    As low as US$120.98
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  • Deluxe Leg Warmer Pants - Teen

    Deluxe Leg Warmer Pants - Teen

    These deluxe figure skating training leg warmer pants are fun, comfy and will keep you that little bit warmer. With 2 layers of fabric in the warmer, 1 being the base fabric (information below) and top layer made from thick ribbing with DMC cystals to...

    As low as US$96.78
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  • Deluxe Training Pants

    Deluxe Training Pants

    These figure skating training pants come with standard over the boot design, embellished with a crystal snowflake on the right leg and scattered coloured crystals. Modesty provided with Frozen Couture's standard no front seam for personal comfort...

    As low as US$73.39
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  • Enchanted Snowflake Training Pants

    Enchanted Snowflake Training Pants

    The Enchanted Snowflake Training Pants come with standard over the boot design and snowflake design down the right leg and purple waistband and cuffs. These are the matching pants for the Enchanted Unicorn Set. Frozen Couture's standard no front...

    As low as US$64.52
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