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Beautiful, Unique Custom Skating Dresses

Frozen Couture is a reputable designer of custom figure skating dresses. We have an exclusive list of clients who seek out the finest, most opulent custom skating dresses available in the industry. Our dresses can be seen at the pinnacle of competition, with their stunning designs and breathtaking embellishments wowing crowds and judges across the world.

Due to the exclusivity of our designs and the time it takes to create one of our pieces, it is important that you carefully follow our submission guidelines before contacting our designers. We want to make your dress: we love nothing more than working alongside talented skaters and producing their perfect ensemble.

However, with competition arriving at the one time and a large number of requests, we do ask that you submit your request early to ensure we can work with you. Our beloved community of athletes put trust and confidence in the custom dresses we produce, and we’re sure that you too will adore a custom figure skating dress from our online couture.

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Image cred: Micheal Santa

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