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Product Overview

Frozen Couture had to quickly innovate with the unexpected world changers.

Introducing our washable masks/covers to help prevent the spread of germs.
Our masks are made from 100% Cotton with a pleated lining in 100% cotton and an AVA foam across piece for the the bridge of the nose for comfort.
Both the top and bottom are elasticated to help keep the mask snug to the shape of the face, and sits right under the chin to the base of the neck and all the way up to the ears.

When the cushion is worn flipped inside-out, this significantly seals the nose area.
The masks come in small, medium, large to fit most sizes.

Sizing for our new masks (in our Size & Colour Charts)
Small 3-8 years
Medium 8- 12 years
Large Adult
X Large - Men
These masks are not hospital grade, They are not FDA approved or certified in any country.

We recommend using these as mask cover over the top of a certified mask, if you cant get your hands on a certified mask wear at your own risk.

Big virtual hugs to all.
Love, Frozen Couture

Frozen Couture is NOT responsible for the virus spread which it has no control over, whether you wear FC masks or not.