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This is Frozen Couture's wall of figure skaters leading their game

& developing a great relationship with us as skating label

so that they become an FC Sponsored Skater.

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Our first and Gold Sponsored  Skater is
Ice Queen Suzi from Scotland !!

Congratulations Suzi !!
You're truly a star inside & out.

And you look great in Frozen Couture gear too!!  We are very proud to be your sponsor





What's your sign (ha!)?


Favourite colour?

Skating history?

My older brother and sister skated before me,
so I grew up in ice rinks and around skating.
It's pretty much all I know haha.
My older brother is now my skating coach.

Biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration is my older brother.
I watched him train almost everyday, and he still
inspires me to be like him and train as hard as he did.

Big Dream?

I train at a circus school (trapeze mostly.
My goal is to be in Cirque du Soleil when I’m older,
as they now have figure skating shows, and I love being able to train both together!

Things you like outside of figure skating?

I also do lots of yoga and meditation but I work them all into
my training schedules as I train full time and doing all that
is good for my skating as well!
Love reading. I’m a huge lover of nature, travelling, learning new things.
I’m teaching myself Japanese at the moment, which I enjoy a lot.

If I’m honest my life revolves around skating,
so if I’m not training on the ice, I’m training off ice,
so there isn’t much more to tell haha.
But I love what I do so definitely wouldn’t change it! 

Inspired by Suzi? 

Find & follow Suzi here

Instagram - @suzionice
Tiktok - tiktok.com/@suzionice