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Frozen Couture

Established in 2015

Owner/designer Cassandra Atkins

Our Story

Frozen Couture ice skating wear is designed & made in Australia.


Inspired by a mother's passion to create stand-out costumes and safety wear on the ice for her figure skating daughter.

Beginning with a humble stall at a Melbourne rink in 2016, Owner-Designer Cassandra Atkins' range soon became the glamorous & functional skating wear label you now know as Frozen Couture.

Frozen Couture has evolved to creating high-quality, unique, bold and stylish training & performance wear, with figure skaters its primary audience.

Frozen Couture expanded with an exclusive range of protective gear to prevent injuries and build confidence on the ice, particularly for beginners along with an adult and high performance range now only available for wholesale customers.

Frozen Couture is a made-to-order label.


Our Goals & Values


I am passionate about creating unique, bold & stylish dresses that inspires wearers to a level of confidence and performance for the primary reason they look & feel amazing, and stand out in Frozen Couture.

Our Products

Designer-style meets quality & safety in Frozen Couture pieces.

Frozen Couture makes apparel primarily for ice skaters in general and figure skaters in particular.

Frozen  Couture's protective gear - our Crash range  -  was created to cushion falls on the ice, to cover sensitive bones that are commonly injured.


This unique range includes skorts, shorts, leg warmers and pants that are padded with high quality foam.

This combination of glamour and protection encourages confidence and performance ability.

For more information on how to buy wholesale please email us.

"For skaters of all disciplines who need protection & confidence while practicing new routines & training. Our crash range is skating attire that has been made with hard working skaters in mind. Unlike regular training gear that have little to no padding, our products padding will not interfere with leg lifts or restrict movement in anyway. All while protecting from serious injury.” - Cassandra Atkins, Owner-Designer



Cassandra has been making costumes for performers her whole life. Dance costumes in her teens, burlesque and circus costumes in her 20's-30's, Gymnastic and calisthenic costumes in her late 30's and has primarily been making figure skating dresses for the past 8 years in her 40's.

These are the one-off couture pieces designed and made by Cassandra Atkins herself in intimate collaboration with your visions.


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